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Legitimacy is important when learning, and to make sure that you are being trained through accurate content, we can assure you that our courses comply with multiple health and safety regulations and legislation. It is of the utmost importance for employers and employees to learn workplace policies for the safety of their team and themselves.

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Comply with Six Pack Regulations

The Health and Safety Level 2 course covers the main workplace safety regulations practised in the UK, applicable to all industries. This training is crucial for all teams to prevent injury or illness, boosting workplace productivity and morale.

Comply with Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992

Manual Handling Operations Regulations of 1992 encourages workers to assess their options before performing manual handling tasks. It displays the steps one must take before any manual handling-related decisions to avoid unwanted injuries and workplace hazards.

Comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

Under this 1974 legislation, employers must ensure the highest standard of health and safety of all employees by providing and maintaining safe systems of work that do not pose any risks to health. This includes understanding infections and how to implement workplace precautions and PPE to prevent the spread of illness.
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Ensure you and your teams safety

Health & Safety Level 2

Provides learners with the basic knowledge for keeping themselves and those around them safe in a work environment, covering such important skills as using protective equipment, dealing with accidents and controlling risks.

Understand the law

Understand your legal obligations to ensure your own and your team's safety at work. Covers the key legislation that underpins your responsibilities including the 1974 Health & Safety Act.

Identify the hazards at your workplace

Including working at heights, slips & trips, hazardous substances, noise, mechanical and psychosocial hazards.

Create meaningful risk assessments

Learn how to identify, record and mitigate risks whilst ensuring your records are clear and updated regularly.

Complete at your own pace

Learn online at your own pace on any device. Return and review the learning materials at anytime and share your completion certificate with your employers.

"Great courses at great value. The course bundle gives my staff what they need to know at an unbelievable price. Couldn’t recommend enough!"

Graeme Pearson
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Look after your body

Manual Handling

Whether it's deliveries, bottles, luggage or paperwork, lifting things is a part of you and your team's day. Learn how to look after yourself and avoid injury with our Manual Handling Course.

The signs of bad manual handling

Keep an eye out for yourself or your colleagues displaying poor technique that could result in injury.

Risk Assessments

Learn how to risk assess the lifting and moving of items and identify ways to minimise or remove the dangers.

The TILEO Model

Discover the TILEO Model and how you can use it to lift items in a safe and controlled manner.

Complete at your own pace

Learn online at your own pace on any device. Return to and review the learning materials at any time and share your completion certificate with your employers.

"First thing we do with new hires is assign them the bundle courses."

Louise Skinner
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Ensure you and your team's safety

Infection Control UK

Infection prevention and control involves minimising the spread of infection by understanding how infections spread, how to respond to individuals who become ill or infectious and ensuring all team members are following the best hygiene practices.

Comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

This Infection Control course will help you comply with essential laws that keep your staff and customers safe from illness

Understand and reduce the risks

You'll learn about the main ways infections can spread and how to break the chain of infection

Ensure your customers and staff safety

Find out how to report illnesses and infections to your manager. Learn about fit for work reports and how they can help prevent spread of infection

Complete at your own pace

Learn online at your own pace on any device. Return and review the learning materials at anytime and share your completion certificate with your employers.

"Has cut our training costs literally in half and we had already moved to online training"

Shaf Ali
Owner, Golden Takeaway Group

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Do I get a certificate?
Yes. When you complete a course you are issued with a printable completion certificate at no extra cost.
Can I retake courses?
We understand that it can take a bit of time to understand the material. That's why you can have as many retries of a courses as you need at no extra charge.
This seems really affordable, what's the catch?
Honestly, there isn't one. We've been delivering training online for years and we've gotten really good at it. We develop all our own courses and technologies in house which allows us to keep prices down and pass those savings on to you.
What devices do the courses work on?
The courses work on any modern internet browser on any device. Whether you're using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge on an iPhone, Android, Laptop or PC everything will work just fine.
How does the money back guarantee work?
Really easily. Just let us know you'd like a refund and we'll make it happen. No questions asked.